Friday, May 12, 2017

Mediterranean Fig

Me: Hola. So early u go home today

Ursula: How u know. R u spying on me

Me: WUL 6336. Saw u at NKVE

Ursula: Why u didn’t horn me. Dating with my hubby. He is picking me up today. Anyway small portfolio can go back early

Me: I’m a polite driver I don’t horn. Sweet

Ursula: Than flash me also can

Me: Supp say u very aggressively

Ursula: Yeah kah. Who? Remember I told u 3 months strategies. Either u know or u don’t.

Me: Yup. U r a brave spirit. #Awesome.always

Hahaha…tak sangka, on the way to Tropicana City Mall, on the NKVE Highway, can bump into Ursula pula…Ursula, being aggressive…that one also Stewart informs me…I think one of the Toys supplier have spoken to Stewart that The Witch have been kept in cold storage and Ursula have taken over the portfolio and is much more aggressive compare to The Witch. The Witch is not in cold storage lah, just change portfolio only…hahaha…

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