Tuesday, May 23, 2017



Aiyo…I so screwed up the whole thing today. I am very worried…what if I lost everything…both of the G13’s offer and The Japanese employment. God, this morning I got prayed You know…I prayed…I prayed that You will put a guard over my mouth…pray that You will guide my choices of words today as I hand in my resignation letter, I pray that You will direct my steps today. Mana tahu, all the terbalik things happen. I should have told Celtic that I am not doing buying and put a full stop to it. Just let Celtic guess where I am going. In the end, I put my foot in my mouth…when Celtic question…I was not steady enough and say – yes, I am heading back to G13, I will be under Marcus, I will be doing Data, Cat Man & Trade Marketing. I really feel like whacking my head. What If Celtic uses this info to sabo me? What if I lost everything and put my family in debts, at risk of losing everything too…what have I done God…I have destroyed my chances. Somemore, I so clever, I told Marcus that I won’t reveal further. Stupid me! Somemore, I will be on leave all the way from 2/6 till 11/6. Anything can happen…people will take this opportunity to kill me off…especially Celtic; full of hatred, envy & jealousy. But when Stewart question me this afternoon, Stewart like don’t know like that lah…but Stewart can pretend lor…there are no secrets between Stewart & Celtic. Shit lor!

God, today…You really make my heart kembang, kecut, kembang, kecut…like a roller coaster ride like that.

Then, the above words came in, from one of the Church WatsApp group…suddenly I feel so assured…God, you know my fear…now I don’t want to think about it anymore, I leave my 2017 Life Board into Your mighty hands…GOD DIRECT MY 2017 STEPSWHERE GOD GUIDES, GOD PROVIDES!

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