Friday, May 19, 2017

Parque Simón Bolívar, Bogotá, Colombia

[There is actually lots of space to grow. Provided ppl take it positively. Data -> ideas - > solutions. All this is to assist buyers to make better planning with the suppliers for the customers. ]

[Exactly, the best part is we can continue the passion in retail but no need to close margin.]

[And CM in G13 is not going to be easy anymore. New system. New way of reading sales. Range review needs to be done annually & etc…]

[It should be tat way actually. To keep things fresh. So trade plan not only plan calendar but to assists the buyers.]

[Exactly! Some buyers really using their pasar malam way. It should improve already.]

[FOM actually moving to a very proper way of working.]

Whew…so it is exactly what I thought it should be…I did not over think…my thoughts were not exaggerated…so there will be elements of Category Management, Education & Training, Analyses, Research & Management, Consultancy & Advisory, Branding, Communication, Trade Marketing, Marketing & Media all thrown into the mix. It all depends how the ratio mix will be...

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