Monday, May 15, 2017

The Blessing Of Dependence

Dependence is often portrayed as something to be mourned, not celebrated.
Yet it is through dependence upon God that we grow in understanding of our need for Him and the depths of His grace. Perhaps, that is why the scriptures so often describe men and women being brought to the end of themselves – so that they might find all they need in Him.

Job lost everything.
Joseph was sold into slavery and unjustly imprisoned.
Hannah was tormented by her adversary.
David was pursued, first by his King, then by his son.
The widow of Zarephath endured famine.
Daniel was taken into captivity in Babylon.
An unnamed woman had an incurable disease.
Peter sank when trying to walk on water.

In each case, these men and women cry to us from the pages of the scriptures that their seasons of struggle ended up being cause for blessing. Why? Because each of these individuals was driven to the God of heaven who is sufficient.

If we are to abandon ourselves to God’s strength, we must first be brought to the point of recognizing our own weakness. Only then will we acknowledge, live in, and grow to appreciate the extraordinary blessing of being dependent upon God.

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