Saturday, September 17, 2016


On Mak Tiri:

(1) MT also cannot stand Ursula.

(2) MT used to be Marcus’ lunch buddy. So, whatever happens in The Japanese, if Marcus knew about it, it means that MT is the one who informs Marcus.

(3) Before I join The Japanese, MT did call Marcus to clarify on something. To clarify is Celtic is actually like that as Celtic is under Marcus before.

(4) Apparently, Celtic was supposed to do something…but Celtic did not finish them…in the end…Mak Tiri have to complete it…meaning that Mak Tiri have to do Celtic’s part. And yet Celtic said that Celtic complete everything. This makes Mak Tiri very angry.

(5) Mak Tiri finds Celtic to be very noisy.

(6) Now, after I have joined The Japanese, MT still got keep in touch with Marcus…saying the situation have gotten worst with the arrival of Stephanie & myself. We are like 1 gang and are noisier.

(7) Marcus said that I am working under Celtic is ok, but if I am being influence by Celtic as well…then it will be that I am part of the gang. Marcus told me to learn everything first, wait for the opportunities.

(8) MT is also a very straightforward person. Very direct. If MT doesn’t like you…MT will not talk to you either. You don’t kacau MT, MT won’t kacau you as well.

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