Wednesday, September 14, 2016

do good with Project B & Fugee School

I am still angry…since yesterday...well, it has been confirmed that we will be reverting back to the old structure. So, the Baking category will falls back into D31 from the Lifestyle Division. Of course, I have to take it up but I told Celtic that I cannot take up because my plate is already so full. Stewart asks Celtic to help me…my foot, in the end Celtic will throw everything back to me.

God…I have not discuss this with Stewart yet and Stewart have not approach me yet on this matter as well. I scared only this Celtic start to put ideas into Stewart’s head and then Stewart kena influence pula.

Stewart…I humbly ask you to look into my request. A firm no on the baking categories. My plate is really overflowed. Lately, I am already very clutter. You notices that too. I humbly request you to walk the talk on this one…you mention that you have plans to park Zila under me and let her to do a smaller category, please park the baking under her, and to have her to report back to Celtic…I know that I have not contribute much…I have not add much value into the division…a lot of things is also not up to my expectations as well, too much of flaws and poor execution…you have also mention that I need to take on the bigger categories which is Storage, forgive me if I am being selective in what I want to do and what I want to learn. I have not push you on my RM300 because work should not be value in that way…but please. Layout I also haven’t settle yet, the dish drainer category which I want to start is already pending on my table for 5 whole weeks. Categories review which have been completed needs to go back for some fine-tuning. 151 days. Celtic to help me…hahaha, Celtic will throw everything back to me. I finally understand what you meant that Celtic works by giving you face…I am sure you know what Celtic is doing everyday…

God – I don’t meant to backstab my boss, a friend…but lately a bit too much leh…only today see Celtic semangat a bit…being a Division have to be even more hands on than ever.

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