Saturday, September 17, 2016

La-Bog Inn

On Celtic:

This is a real shocker. Marcus didn’t want to tell me much because Marcus felt that Celtic & I are close. Which is true. But I also told both Marcus & Tommy that I know everything but I pretend don’t know. I am aware of things. These are Marcus’s comments on Celtic. Tommy’s too.

(1) I need to move out from Celtic’s shadow if I want to shine. I agree, I also realize that I can shine without Celtic. I notice that when Celtic left The French and G13 earlier than me, I indeed can shine, thrive and survive it all.

(2) Marcus feels that Celtic is lazy. Celtic passes all of the work to Celtic’s assistants. Celtic didn’t do anything, always on the phone.

(3) Celtic is a good buyer, but just lazy and not much of effort is being put in.

(4) Marcus sometimes has to chase Celtic as well.

(5) This is a real shocker. Wayne hates Celtic too because Wayne have to do everything. Marcus even asks Wayne the same question – are you sure…but Marcus agrees that Wayne has been given the opportunity by Celtic to become a buyer. So Wayne is basically using this platform for something better in the future.

(6) Marcus also noted that Celtic talks a lot too. When enquire on something…if Celtic cannot answers them…Celtic will divert.

(7) So yeah, I also share with them that Celtic talks a lot and is disrupting my work.

(8) I told Marcus, I don’t mind going back to G13, doing long as I am not under The Witch.

(9) Celtic likes to show off, being the superior type…Marcus even equates Celtic with Alice.

(10) So, as a conclusion…Celtic is already like that. It just that I don't notices them last time. But I have grown up. Celtic makes everyone thinks that Celtic is great. Like Ursula, Celtic says something or twists something and confidently it becomes something else.

(11) MT thinks that Stewart is too soft.

(12) I have to put on my best behavior then :)

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