Wednesday, September 14, 2016

go green with Kebun – Kebun Bangsar

I really lantak with this Celtic.
Celtic did help me to call the suppliers…ask the suppliers to propose for the CNY 2017 Baking leaflet.
Ask me to listen somemore…I annoyed Celtic by closing my ears and say No…Don’t want.
You have one Wayne who is under-work…you yourself goyang kaki and do your other half’s work. Yet keep on saying that you are stress blah blah...and I do all of the work…like a stupid fool. Complain that MT is not hands on and are not helpful with her team apa kurangnya...on the surface, it looks like you are helping...but in the end...only asking the suppliers...who don't know how to is cheap & free ok...I end up doing all of the work. Am I selfish here? I just want a fair deal.

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