Sunday, September 18, 2016

Livin’ The Big Life

MT: Hello. Ur kakak mana?
Me: Meeting with supp.
MT: Can u help remind Celtic complete the top 40 returnable items. Still blank.
Me: Ok.
MT: I think is Wayne’s.
Me: Ok.
MT: Ok Tq.
Me: Just saw ur email, fill up already.
MT: U tolong fill?
Me: Yes.
MT: So I bleh send d file.
Me: Yes.
MT: Ok terima kasih.
Me: De na da.

What happen was, Mak Tiri did email to Celtic early in the morning…but Celtic was busy…bersemangat because Celtic have to finish the sales review which I assume that Stewart email to all of the DMs and the DMs have to complete it…I guess Celtic would have like to pass it to me to do…but Celtic did not…assuming that Stewart personally instruct Celtic to do so, or Celtic knew that I do not want any more work to be pile on me since I told Celtic that I did not want to do the Baking category or Celtic don’t want me to over shine Celtic…and this MT, can watsapp to Celtic herself mah…but it’s ok, I think I score some brownie points here…hahaha…Mak Tiri is the keeper of the division.

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