Sunday, September 11, 2016

the HUB

On last week Friday…Stephanie, Stewart & I had lunch together. Then, we walk over to Subang Parade and got our comfort drink - Starbucks. Except for Stewart who went about to run some chores. So, on the way back to the office (minus Stewart), behind Stephanie & myself was MT and her lunch buddy…so, I am not doing anything…just being normal. Then, I stop by at one of the workstation in the office to have a brief chat with Adik…also coincidence that MT walks in…then, I walk towards my workstation, so is MT…I was drinking my Starbucks, straw in my mouth…MT was walking past me, look at me and smile! And that smile…was the best smile from her ever…like it was the best shot ever when you photograph something…am I…? MT is actually married…no kids…a very successful & rich partner who is in the advertising & events industry.

Is it possible…could it be…to fall in love with a character, a personality…and whether it was fortunately or unfortunately that it was the same sex? And how can it be possible for me to have a gender crisis at this age?

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