Saturday, September 24, 2016

Chin Chin

Stephanie gave me a big bottle of Tropicana Orange Twister. So, I store the bottle in the office pantry fridge. So, when I was about to go home on yesterday evening, I have to go to the pantry to collect the bottle back. I was checking my messages on my phone…I was walking straight…then as I just finish reading my message, put my phone down and was looking straight to where I was going…when right in front of me was MT…walking in the opposite direction…but MT was smiling at me…of course, I gave a small smile of acknowledgment back…but this time MT’s smile was like… was very much like a sign of acceptance of me…and acknowledging that we are align. Again, did Marcus inform MT anything after our meet up the other day? I even told Marcus that I cannot let Celtic know that I am WatsApping MT secretly…hahaha…

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