Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Meatball & Wine Bar

Me: Ma’am, u change the format? From 4 quadrant to 6 quadrant? I just finish my 4 quadrant…

MT: Opssss. Ya lor lady boss said want to minimize slides. So 4 jadi 6. Sorry u gotta revise sikit ok.

Me: Stewart.......

MT: Din know got ppl buat. I open d file is kosong one. Except Tin Min filled few items.

Me: Tomorrow must submit homework mah

MT: Ya lor. I better send reminder. U adjust to 6 ok.

(1) MT uses a lot of BM.

(2) MT apologized for the second time. Not such an evil person…hahaha…

(3) I have a feeling that Marcus & MT got talk after out meeting the other day. Somehow the way MT express herself is like a managing a kid. Marcus knows that I am a very big kid :)

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