Sunday, September 11, 2016


Met up with Tommy & Zurick yesterday.
Lunch at TGIF…with Tommy around, not much choices because Tommy eats halal food, no pork…no nemo…both Tommy & Zurick needs their beer, they got to smoke…then we had our second sessions at Malones; an Irish Restaurant and Bar.

(1) Tommy babysits Miguel’s pet dog…meaning that the both of them do meet up and catch up. Now it makes a lot of sense…they both talks. Frequently too.

(2) Tommy mentions that Miguel has a boyfriend. 6 months in town, 6 months not in town.

(3) The day that Maximoff & Miguel hire Nixon…apparently, the whole office in G13 thinks that there is a plan to remove Alice with Nixon. It’s not an open secret anymore. Tommy thinks that G13 match back to Nixon’s previous basic salary as per The English, only no allowances. Apparently, The English provide lots of allowances for their staff. No wonder…when I met Pietro the other day…Pietro mention that Nixon is also a SCM. Alice dare not bully Nixon and Pietro now. Her target is Bryan.

(4) Miguel commented to Tommy that Pietro have improve a lot. That’s good news. You see, that is what I love about The English one – to – one session; coaching & mentoring which is so important in a buyer’s development. I don't get that here with The Japanese.

(5) Zurick find Alice to be very fake, empty shell…I am actually quite surprise because after 1 year…with Miguel’s coaching…by right, there should be some improvement. Pietro mention that the other day, during their team’s meeting with Miguel…Alice still bring in the wrong data to the meeting. Tommy feels that it is too late. Zurick felt that Alice does not know what Maximoff & Miguel wants, Alice doesn’t know anything, it’s either she refuse to learn or slow to learn. But the both of them pity Alice. I pity her too. We agree that she is good as a person but not as a boss. When you go a level up…it’s about seeing the bigger picture, inspire your team, motivate your team, finding solutions together, helping each other. But Alice doesn’t see that.

(6) Zurick was wondering whether Zurick should help Alice or not. I hope Alice still has a job in G13. Yes, do promote Nixon up, but at least let Alice have her job because she have 3 school going children, her eldest daughter is in college and I heard that her husband doesn’t earn much. Stewart did mention previously that Alice wears the pants in the house.

(7) Tommy felt that Miguel makes a mistake by promoting Alice. Too fast and no proper training whatsoever. Now, everything is just too late.

(8) Tommy will side Amelia anytime compare to Emerson.

(9) Tommy asks me why Ursula is still so ambitious. These days, Tommy just wants to have a good night sleep and a clear conscious.

(10) Zurick also find Bryan not a very good stationery buyer. Zurick complain to Miguel about Bryan & Alice. Hahaha…Bryan still wants to leave because of the stress that Alice gives him and Bryan thinks that being a supplier, the role is more suitable for him.

(11) Tommy thinks that I still have a pretty solid reputation in the market. But not for Celtic, Celtic’s reputation is bad due to favoritism but not yet on the integrity part.

(12) Tommy’s advice…is not about finding the balance between what Celtic’s want or Stewart’s want…but what the customers want. See, look at Tommy’s good advice. Stewart also doesn’t know how to answer me like that. I brought up this issue with Stewart…Stewart only say let Stewart be the bad person.

(13) Zurick thinks that Harriet only knows how to talk and try to make everything seems rosy when it is not.

(14) Nigel & Harriet are close. I bet Nigel will lobby for Harriet to get Bryan’s position.

(15) According to Tommy…which is according to what the market says…Jonas is not progressive, not forward thinking…but Leonardo ok wor…hmm…I think they confuse Leonardo with William, both sharing the similar Chinese name pronunciation.

(16) This is the weird part…when I mention that Emerson wants to hire me to fill up Laura’s portfolio…Tommy wasn’t interested with this piece of news…I also told them that I ask Emerson to approach Baldwin. And Tommy immediately WatsApp Baldwin and see whether Baldwin wants to join The English or not.

(17) Tommy doesn’t understand why Baldwin left G13 because Baldwin was not the people in the list to be gotten rid of…Baldwin can do work…but not ready for the upper level yet.

(18) Tommy have plans...may leave this country...

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