Friday, September 16, 2016

Social Happiness

FatBoy’s The Burger Bar, Publika – lunch with Marcus & Tommy, my 2 favorite people! OMG, so many updates. I have to break them into several parts…hahaha.

G13 WorkTales:

(1) Shawn will always take care of Ursula.

(2) Jecca cannot stand Nigel, Ursula, Alice, Emerson & Amelia.

(3) Nigel doesn’t do much work.

(4) Same goes with Christy. Talks a lot but never get the work done. Yet stay up so late in the office. Don’t know what Christy is actually doing. But Christy & Nigel are very close now. Tommy expected that Christy will be the first person to leave but Christy still survive until now.

(5) It is confirmed that John Doe has resign because the top management have not confirm John Doe after 6 months.

(6) It is also has been confirmed that Bryan has also resigned. Bryan has been delaying his confirmation because he wants to leave early.

(7) The top management has been delaying the confirmation of John Doe, Kino & Gina. So kesian…you hired them in the first place…meaning you want them mah…and now you don’t want to confirm them pula.

(8) Miguel has given up on The Witch.

(9) Miguel also doesn’t know how to teach The Witch anymore longer. Looks like Miguel & Maximoff really regretted their move but in the first place, they promoted Alice was just to comfort the old G13 people.

(10) According to Marcus, Maximoff likes me, same goes with Miguel. Maximoff actually wants to grow me too.

(11) Tommy mentions that Maximoff is a good boss but a cheapo…hahaha.

(12) There is a cooling off period of 6 months…meaning that anyone who left G13 can only go back to G13 after 6 months.

(13) Emerson wants to hire Baldwin…but apparently Maximoff doesn’t like Baldwin…because during the closing time…Maximoff notices that Baldwin’s face was not too keen in collecting buying income…come on lah, during closing time…which buyer is keen in closing income. Cannot judge like that mah.

(14) Sabrina is keen to come back but she wants to double her salary so got rejected lor.

(15) Maximoff scolded Alice…apparently…during closing time…once, she went down to the store to do operations work, secondly she went home early…leaving her team to do the closing all by themselves. So, Miguel scolded her, Miguel inform Maximoff about it too. Marcus said that Alice is in denial, she is insecure and she doesn’t know how to communicate with her team. Like last time, she have not change a single bit…she calls the team to her room…lecture them…then the emails will come in, the phone rings, people walk in, she will layan them first, show off her power…such time waster.

(16) On Emerson, Emerson loves Ivan…is trying to promote Ivan up. And apparently, Emerson’s other half is back in Hong Kong; leaving Emerson & the kids here. I don’t know…I just remember Michel & Ice used to tell me that Emerson’s other half used to work for The English too, then left, I guess went to Hong Kong to look for a job.

(17) Lionel is sad that Laura have left. However, according to Marcus, Laura has called Emerson 3 times whether Laura can come back to G13 or not. But according to The MFT Director who is closer to Laura than Emerson…that everything is fine at the new workplace. But then again, Emerson has no reason to lie as well.

(18) Miguel is eating lunch alone…no more with Marcus. Marcus suspect that someone might have say something to Miguel…so political over there now.

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