Sunday, September 25, 2016

Miss Katie’s Crabshack

Zila will be park under me.
Abigail is park under MT.
Wayne is park under Celtic.

Over Friday’s lunch…Stewart said that MT is much more suitable to train Abigail up. I also agree. I also told Abigail these…with Abigail’s character, it is more suitable for Abigail to be under MT’s tutelage. Once Abigail have already develop the necessary grit, character & personality, then Abigail can be train under Celtic. Celtic is harsh but very capable.

Stewart also mention that Stewart also want to see how Celtic is going to train Wayne. So, does that mean that all of us (MT, Celtic, Jonas & me) will be under Stewart’s watchful eye? I see MT as Stewart’s natural successor for now…

I have no leadership skills yet but I know that I do have a set of skill where I can work cross function department. I am not a very smart person. I am book smart. But I am also highly aware of my strengths and weakness. I have this likability factor. I smile, I greet people, I have manners, I am polite. Don’t have a big ego but a huge humility in me. I am willing to learn, I apologized if I am wrong, I can laugh at myself, I admit when things are not right, I work with honesty, I am passion and I am genuine. But will that be enough? Is the season for preparation and protection is over now?

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