Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Pantry

(1) Jonas will be leading D32 & D33. Thus Henry will be park under Jonas. Henry actually misses MT…hahaha…because according to Henry, MT will protect her staffs…Jonas just lepas tangan.

(2) The Furniture portfolio will be park under MT. Will MT get angry with Stewart? Furniture is originally should be under D31, under Celtic. MT gets back her batteries and now tambah Furniture. Will MT feel that Stewart is berat sebelah? That Stewart side D31? I think Stewart want to balance up the level playing field among all of the DMs. But I think that it is a very good move by bringing in someone new & neutral into the category. One particular supplier already have a very negative perception on Celtic and of course Celtic dislikes them (Barry & Wifey), so yeah...I think Stewart make a sound decision for now.

(3) Zila will be park under me…Baking…I will still ignore it for a while…hahaha…

(4) Abigail who initially was doing the Home Furnishing category; under Mrs. Simon will be taking up the Furniture portfolio under MT. Abigail says that Abigail prefer MT more than Celtic. Meaning that people actually notices and telan when it comes to Celtic because Celtic is a fast thinker and is a very street smart person. Quite useful at times...

(5) I try to korek from Fify…Fify would like to leave The Japanese to get a higher pay; job hopping lah tu. Fify also mention that Wayne cannot tahan Celtic in terms of the fast tempo and also Celtic’s mannerism.

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