Sunday, April 09, 2017

Gallery Vask

On last week Friday, I was having lunch with Stewart at Sushi King…so bump into Mak Tiri again…Stewart informed me that Mak Tiri’s lunch buddy must be on leave because on Thursday, Mak Tiri was having lunch with Li Fong…on Friday however, Mak Tiri was having lunch with a G13 ex-colleague (Alex, I think is his name)…from HR…not from recruitment though, Alex is more to the Administration side of the HR business. Stewart went oh oh…I told Stewart not to worry about anything because since MT is so in her comfort zone, MT won’t leave one…however, according to Stewart…if MT is not happy on the job and there is the opportunity to do so, MT will also leave. Stewart also knew the reason why MT left G13 in the first place; because of Ursula…hahaha…then Stewart got mention that Abigail is not fast enough…I pula go & suggest to Stewart that it’s time to bring MT into the picture. Stewart answered if MT comes into the picture, MT cannot manage D30 & D35…these categories sales are also dropping this year and MT have to do the Gardening special project…so MT is overloaded and cannot cope...

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