Sunday, April 23, 2017


Work Tales / Batu Pahat Stories 002 >> so, in the end…Wayne, Jonas, Harriet & Kelvin was in one car. I followed Tin Min, Abigail and Mak Tiri. Mak Tiri drove us there. Both Tin Min and myself park our car in the office, boarded the LRT, took the train ride to Putra Heights…before the trip starts…Abigail was already feeling very reckless; sharing a room with Mak Tiri, being in the same car as her…so, in the end…both Tin Min & Abigail sat at the backseat and I was the co-pilot…but I also know that this Abigail is taking this outstation trip opportunity to build a better relationship with Mak Tiri...hahaha...

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