Sunday, April 02, 2017

The Gift Of Encouragement

All around us are people longing to be encouraged. A timely word, a phone call, or a prayer can bolster their faith in Jesus.

Thank You Lord for the gift of encouragement.


I prayed to God – to upgrade, to enhance & enrich, to sharpen and to improve, one of my 2017 Life Board Skills – Communication & Presentation Skill.

I also prayed to God – to bring people & activities into my life – so I can add value into my life and my life can be enhance & enrich.

God did that. It is a small jigsaw puzzle for now…but I know that it will build into a bigger picture for me. I know that if I want to get into big & reputable companies, this very skill is very essential for me. If I want to do education & training later on, then I need to further develop this skill too. Just like Miguel have pointed out to me previously…if I want to do Trade Plan, then I must show that I have the skills heading into that direction. God is amazing isn’t it?

So what happen was – Farah, the Marketing Coordinater ask me whether I can help her out…being a Emcee for the CNY 2017 Heng Ong Huat Prize Giving Ceremony at Mid Valley. I said Yes. And the best part is this…people always talk about stage fright…being intimidated of speaking in front of so many people…but guess what, I wasn’t even scared. I just feel bold. It must have been God’s courage and assurance. I was just so looking forward to it.

So, on last week Thursday, which was the D-day. Of course, it was nerve-wrecking a little, I was slightly nervous…because the script was only ready 10 minutes before the event starts, and I also learn on the spot about coordinating properly with the sound engineer, doing a proper sound check, synchronizing with the back-end crew, managing the crowds on the stage, giving ample time for the photographers & videographers to take pictures, the timing of the ushers, the speakers, the winners, the eye contact etc.

It was very encouraging as people (the Marketing Manager, the Operation Manager, the Photographer, the Ushers, the Crews) was complimenting me but I get the biggest assurance is from one of the audience when they say that it was good. Of course, this event was a very small scale event, I don’t even have the cue cards with me, I was just reading from the A4 papers. I guess the bigger challenge will be to make the event more lively, more interactive and more inclusive.

Nonetheless, THANK YOU GOD, PRAISE TO THE LORD, BLESS YOU GOD – for the opportunity, for Your assurance, for Your blessings and for Your favorability upon me. I cannot pull this off without You. And I am very sure, on that day itself, that God’s presence was with me all the time.

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