Wednesday, April 12, 2017

SNL Days

Paige: I am leaving sharp at 6 today cos wet market a my back, construction site in front of me

Me: Hahaha

Marcus: J___, you never know how exciting is our new office. Btw, GMS have many vacancies, you should consider to give Miguel a call

Me: Hmm. U all ask me to come back. 2 ppl say hold on first. 1 ppl say don’t…

Marcus: Who are these 3 ppl?

Me: From oth dept. They say morale now very low. Buying income very stress

Marcus: Soon, when FOM goes live we will only look at income from sales

Me calling Miguel? Cannot lah…then my saham will jatuh…let Miguel approach me…then at least my salary can up more mah…hahaha…anyway, if Miguel really wants me…Miguel would have call me earlier already…I think everyone just have the perception that I am ok with The Japanese & Celtic…but actually, tak berapa ok...hahaha...

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