Thursday, April 20, 2017

bloop in the womb

Marcus: Morning J___. I need a manager in Trade Plan…

Me: Morning

Marcus: Interested?

Me: Me me me. Hahaha

Marcus: Trade plan wor. Not buying leh. R u serious?

Me: Time to move on to do something else.

Marcus: Yeah, marketing is also interesting line leh. Mind to tell me your pay now? Scared cabot afford.

Me: RM6500 – RM7500

Marcus: Want to send me your resume?

Me: Report directly to u right?

Marcus: Yes. I’m meeting my new boss this Friday, will chat with her.

Me: Heard that Laura going back to G13?

Marcus: Yes. Pls come back. Btw, Maximoff’s team have 6 ppl leaving. 4 in May. 2 in June. Emerson, Ivan, Bryan, Non Food Side…Adeline and 2 more new girls join for about 1 year only


Well, I don’t know whether this one jadi or not…I think my chances are very slim. I don’t think that they will be keen to hire me with such a heavy salary scale. If hired also, I don’t think the increment can be that very high as well. Even, if Marcus is allow to hire, probably just a newbie or an entry level employee. The only advantage that I have is that I have done all of the categories before, except for Grocery, Fresh, Non Food, Textile, Appliance, Auto/DIY and Plastic HouseHold. Nonetheless, I am very happy that Marcus remembered me and God gave this opportunity to me.

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