Sunday, April 09, 2017

Ministry Of Crab

Putien, SS15 Courtyard, Subang – dinner with Ling Ling. Oh my gosh…we haven’t met up in ages…the last time that we actually met up was way back in July 2015…last year we just exchange phone calls somewhere back in the month of May…oh, we did so many catching-up that night :) We were chatting about our jobs, the company's ordering system, the company’s culture & direction, our daily busyness, the daily grind…everything. It was just so wonderful. And then after that, Ling Ling ask me whether I want to go to The Philippines with her…because Ling Ling will be attending her company’s conference there; somewhere in May…and she will be extending her stay there to explore the city…so she was wondering whether I want to partner with her or not…I really wanted to…but I am currently running low on cash at the moment… have to skip this round…

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