Sunday, April 02, 2017


Marcus: Paige will you in ccc in the morning? I bought egg tarts.

Me: My favorite :(

Marcus: Told u to join us back. FYI, Brian resigned. His new dept is plastic & KDF. SUITS YOU.

Me: Got Amelia.

Marcus: Amelia is CM for HH2 now.

Me: Put her back in plastic.

Marcus: Plastic & KDF is one category now, in FOM.

Me: I want to be Marcus assistant.

Marcus: Marcus no more assistant…

Me: Those 4 months are too short. I haven’t finish learning from u yet. I need to dig ur brains.

Is this Brian for real?

But Mr. Horton's secretary did mention to me that I have make the right decision of leaving because now all of the buyers have a very big problem is collecting the Buying Income. Plus, the overall atmosphere in G13 is very low at the moment.

Plastic? Don’t want lah…Celtic…holds the key to all of the suppliers. I think Tommy also headache. I will wait. God will put me back to FMCG, NGO, AC Nielsen etc…God will provide…the material things & the non-material things, opportunities, chances, people…GOD have a great plan in place for me. I will hold on to the stories of the extra loaves of bread & fishes, Joseph was the Prime Minister of Egypt after being betray by his brothers, thrown into a well, thrown into a prison and David was only a shepherd boy but he became the King.

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