Tuesday, April 11, 2017

5 Reasons Why The Corporate World Needs More Women

Diversity >> women are more conditioned towards customer service, teamwork and nurturing capabilities. The inclusion of this in the workplace, particularly ones that are male-dominated, brings a challenging but complementary edge to decision-making and problem-solving.

Female consumers >> women make up a large percentage of consumers. Having more women on board means being able to more efficiently conceptualize, design and strategize ways to market products & services to this demographic.

Balance >> more women in the workplace leads to women and men having more equal representation in society and at work. This creates more role models for young women and girls looking to step up in their careers or seek a less traditional home life. It also means greater workplace dynamism and diversity, which translates to more varied and innovative ideas.

Financial Inclusion >> giving women and families more purchasing power is good for the economy. It also gives women independence and freedom to live and protect herself.

Women Are Half Of The World >> women need to be as represented in the workplace as they are in terms of population. At the end of the day, women can legally work and many want to work and be independent, so depriving these women of their dreams and rights is inhumane and counterproductive to society.

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