Sunday, April 16, 2017

Dog Kicker

Dave’s Deli, Subang Parade >> lunch date with Smallie. Aiyakena poured with ice cold water…Smallie mentions…that moving forward…Category Management may be phase out…I believe that the role will still be there…but probably, there won’t be a need for a full force team anymore…takkan lah, I have to stuck with buying meh…so I guess, I have to find a role either – Education, Training, Consultancy & Advisory or Branding, Communication, Marketing, Trade Marketing or Media…God…where am I heading from here…I am really not cut out for this job...I just got where I am today because of...I don't know...God, You place me here...

Smallie finds that Celtic is just too old school...old just doesn't work like that anymore...hahaha...Smallie said that being a Jack of all trades indicate a person is flexible and adaptable. I also share with Smallie that Celtic is just so in the box. If Celtic were to transfer into another category, Celtic will surely resigned. I am here today because the suppliers gave me second chances. I am not a very smart person but I am willing to learn and being very polite...hahaha...and it's not what you said or what you's that personal touch, how you make the other party feels.

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