Monday, April 24, 2017

Are We Ready For The Careers Of The Future?

God, I really need to UpSkill myself, I take pleasure in learning, small small steps to a bigger picture, no need to rush but full of Discipline, Focus, Consistency & Productivity…

Jobs come and go, but skills are forever.

Learnability >> is the desire and ability to quickly grow and adapt to remain relevant. Individuals who are willing to learn, have the ability to adapt quickly and are versatile rank higher on the employability scale in today’s dynamic corporate landscape.

As jobs become more data-focused, individuals are expected to possess strong Analytical and Interpersonal Skills. Client servicing roles in the retail banking sector are increasingly being morphed as relationship managers and they are required to interpret software-generated results and make sound recommendations to add value to the relationship. As programmes and software become more sophisticated, candidates who posses analytical skills to interpret real-time results and strong soft skills to engage with clients will be highly prized.

Digital Knowledge and Experience are now nice-to-have. With the growth of e-commerce, experience in digital sales & marketing is in high-demand. Take the retail sector – especially hypermarkets & apparel – for instance, quite a number have embraced online platforms to perform transactions and they certainly require digital transformation experts.

In manufacturing, employers are now looking for those with experience and knowledge in lean 6 Sigma (simplified business processes which eliminates the need for redundant roles & resources) and Process Improvements as they are beginning to look at ways to manage operational costs.

Make an effort to UpSkill, Re-Skill and even Multi-Skill if wish to remain Market-Worthy.

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