Sunday, April 16, 2017


Angry with this Abigail…on Thursday evening, Abigail complained to Wayne, Harriet & myself that Mak Tiri wrote to her several emails, with BIG CAPITAL LETTERS. I also find it very rude lah…then mana tahu, on Friday morning…Abigail drop Zila & myself an email regarding a Debit Balance supplier case…BOLD our name somemore. Hello…you don’t want Mak Tiri to treat you like this…you pula go and treat people like that…

Celtic also got mention that Mak Tiri already complain Abigail kaw kaw until Stewart also keep screwing Abigail already. Don't know how true is this lah. Now, whatever Celtic said, must use my wisdom to filter one. Stewart also wonder whether Abigail is suitable for this line or not.

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