Monday, April 10, 2017

Mil Reasons

Today, when Stephanie called me on my desk phone…I was so excited because she has not done that for such a long time. Mana tahu, she literally drop a bomb on me. She told me that, that for this whole month…since she will be on and off in the office, I just go and eat lunch myself. What the…

Then, I cannot tahan already, I have to confront her already, so I apps her…

Me: Hola. Did i do something wrong? If it is, I apologies as I am not aware. I don’t feel ur bz, I think u r avoiding. We hav been friends long enough. And I think we can talk & resolve issues.

Stephanie: Nvm. Just go ahead lunch with Stewart.

Me: U r going back to tat hole again. I won’t scold. I won’t kecil hati. U know tat…Ok, then we talk when u r ready.

I also told Stewart about this over lunch today…Stewart also find it very childish…Stewart feel that she needs attention and she doesn’t have anything to look forward to…Stephanie’s parents are in Seremban, she does everything with Celtic…go shopping with Celtic, go to gym with Celtic, having meals with Celtic, it’s like she doesn’t have any friends. Stewart mentions that as for me…my family is here, I have church, I have some friends, I have activities to look forward to.

I also tell this issue to Celtic…but with Celtic these days…I also have to be extra careful, Celtic likes to light up the fire and may want to keep Stephanie; distance from me…

I grew up people…I wish I have know these discipline, good habits, good characters, good skills and Life Board sooner…I feel such a late bloomer…but I hold on to the story of Lazarus. Jesus was 4 days late; according to man’s time…but in actual fact…Jesus was on time. And for my life right now…Jesus ensures that I am on time in every aspect of my life. I want to throw out all of the negativity and embrace life with God.

Jesus – thank You that You Found Me, Save Me, Rescue Me & Redeem Me.
I think I will also be this negative, lost and depressed at this stage of my life.
i thank God for putting - just that simple thought into my head.

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