Monday, April 03, 2017

Developing Yourself

Read >> with self-improvement books available, you will find no shortage of books to read or listen to on every aspect of career or professional development. Choose the area where you feel you would benefit from a good book on leadership or organization or management and make it a goal to read for 30 minutes to an hour each day. Make it a goal to read a book that will assist you in your career at least once a month.

Take a course >> whether you take a college or university course on campus or you sign up for an online class or attend a webinar, the opportunities for learning in any venue are almost endless. Just check them out. Find a reputable institution, entity or individual and take a course that will build your resume and help you grow professionally. Find a well known guru in your industry. Chances are he or she offers some sort of programme even if it is only the occasional webinar or teleseminar.

Join a professional group or association >> most professions have some sort of professional organization that you can join. You should join them and subscribe to (and read) their journals. Stay up to date on the conversations that members are having. Join their LinkedIn Groups and take part by contributing directly or responding and sharing other people’s content. You cannot afford not to keep up, so stay current by staying in touch with your colleagues. Attend association conferences when you can. Network whenever you have the opportunity.

Seek out a Toastmasters Club
>> one of the best kept secrets out there today. Toastmaster members learn how to communicate more effectively but they also develop their leadership skills along the way. Toastmaster clubs offer safe environments for learning how to overcome your fear of speaking and your career development will grow exponentially as the result of your stretching yourself beyond your fear. Becoming a member of a Toastmasters club is a first step towards developing your confidence and competence as a communicator and a leader.

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