Sunday, April 23, 2017

Roast Lamb with Dill and Lemon

Also no WatsApp reply from Marcus either. Marcus was suppose to meet up with Marcus’s new boss on Friday…it’s either the meeting jadi or tak jadi…Marcus have yet to update me and also did not remind me to email my CV over to Marcus. God…I am really aiming for this Trade Plan position lehaiyo…I know my salary scale might outweighs this position…probably my salary overqualified it…I think Marcus is only allow to get in a newbie or an entry-level employee…however, I can fit into Miguel’s buying team because Maximoff have 6 person leaving, so there is the budget availability…but hor, Tommy got mention before that Maximoff is also very kedekut…so how God…all I can do right now is WAIT right…aiya

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