Sunday, April 02, 2017

Wounds From A Friend

The trouble is that so often we would rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism, for truth hurts. It bruises our ego, makes us uncomfortable and calls for change.

True friends don’t find pleasure in hurting us. Rather, they love us too much to deceive us. They are people who, with loving courage, point out what we may already know but find hard to truly accept and live by. They tell us not only what we like to hear but also what we need to hear.

So, regarding the above event…what happen was…I was all dress up on that day itself, in my black peplum dress, one of the Usher doll me up, with make-up and such. The event was held in the morning, so, once done…we went back to the office after lunch…now Team Baz was having a meeting with Stewart, and of course when I walk in (God, You are indeed oh so great, You make an entrance for me)…they were surprise…went wow…and complimented me…you see, I don’t wear a dress to work, I don’t even put on any make-up…I am a Plain Jane…I am lazy…I am so sloppy and I am so comfortable in it…and I think Mak Tiri actually took a second glance of me; twice, which she never did before. Jonas really complimented me very well…and then Celtic…went and say…why am I so stupid…Celtic actually use the word Stupid – to do the Emcee thingy for free. God, is Celtic a friend here…I think Celtic will…either intentionally or unintentionally going to sabotage a lot of things for me or saying or doing things that will only look good on Celtic...and look bad on me. I don’t know whether I am interpreting this correctly or not…just a gut feeling that I have.

Anyway, if there are more opportunities like this coming my way…I will take it…I mean, it’s really a platform to hone my skills.

Nonetheless, because I have Prayed. I have nothing to fear, for my God is with me!

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